JENNIFER Kehoe knows better than anyone that visually impaired skiing is not rocket science – it is so much harder.

A former pupil at St Peter's and Bournemouth School for Girls, Kehoe will guide Menna Fitzpatrick at a string of events at the Winter Paralympics in South Korea, with gold the burning ambition.

Few events rely on coordination quite like this and, in Kehoe’s eyes, a trip to Pyeongchang is about more than what happens across two weeks of competition.

Speaking ahead of Saturday's men's and women's downhill, she said: “If you look at the top visually impaired teams, the ones doing the best have generally worked together for a longer period.

“It’s such a complex sport that you need that. I heard a great quote the other day when someone said, ‘It’s not rocket science, it’s much harder than that’ and that perfectly describes our sport.

“It’s great fun but at the same time it’s very hard.

“We’ve rehearsed what we do that much that it almost becomes second nature, which is so important.”

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