BRADY Kurtz narrowly missed out on a second Australian Senior Solo Championship title after falling short in the final heat of the series.

The Pirates number one had been tied on points with Rohan Tungate heading into the A final at Adelaide track Gillman but had to settle for overall runner-up spot behind his rival after finishing fourth.

Poole asset Jack Holder, who will race for Somerset in the upcoming season, won his second Australian Championship meeting on trot and did it the hard way having advanced via the B final.

As a result of finishing in the top four in the series, both Kurtz and Holder earned progress to this year's Grand Prix qualifiers, as did Tungate and former world under-21 champion Max Fricke.

Kurtz held off the attentions of Jye Etheridge in his opening ride but the Wimborne Road charger then raised concerns when he fell on turn one of heat five.

However, the Cowra charger was back in for the re-run and rounded Holder to take the chequered flag.

Having passed Fricke for a third straight victory, Kurtz inched to the top of the standings with a regulation win in heat 15.

But Tungate levelled things up when he came out on top in a titanic heat-20 tussle with the Poole spearhead, sending the series to a dramatic showdown.

And after Kurtz lost ground in turn one, it was left to Tungate to wrap up the crown by finishing second in the A final behind Holder, with Fricke third.

Overall standings: 1 Rohan Tungate 62, 2 Brady Kurtz 60, 3 Max Fricke 53, 4 Jack Holder 51, 5 Mason Campton 39, 6= Sam Masters 37, 6= Josh Pickering 37, 8 Jordan Stewart 35, 9 Jaimon Lidsey 31, 10 Jye Etheridge 28, 11 Matthew Gilmore 21, 12 Cooper Riordan 20, 13 Robert Medson 16, 14 Joel Coyne 10, 15 Declan Knowles 9, 16 James Davies 4.

Gillman points: Rohan Tungate 17, Brady Kurtz 15, Max Fricke 15, Jack Holder 15, Jordan Stewart 10, Jaimon Lidsey 10, Josh Pickering 9, Mason Campton 9, Jye Etheridge 7, Cooper Riordan 6, Matthew Gilmore 5, Robert Medson 4, Joel Coyne 2, Declan Knowles 1, Sam Masters 0 (withdrew due to injury), James Davies DNR (withdrew due to injury). Reserves: Josh Coyne 3, Brandon McGuinness 2.

B final: Holder, Stewart, Lidsey, Campton.

A final: Holder, Tungate, Fricke, Kurtz.