CHRIS Reeves revealed Poole Town were on the cusp of ensuring National South football next season and insisted: "The sceptics underestimated our determination."

However, the Dolphins vice-chairman admitted "our hearts are going to be in our mouths" until the outcome of the club's ground grading D-day on Tuesday, March 28.

And Reeves estimated Poole still had £25,000 to raise in order to finance work on the Black Gold Stadium, which had been due for completion ahead of tomorrow's home clash with Hampton & Richmond Borough (3pm).

Fifth-placed Poole have carried out a variety of improvements including installing terracing and upgrading the floodlights, with all work performed in order to bring the ground into line with National South requirements.

Reeves told the Daily Echo: "I know the guys are reasonably optimistic they will have the terracing finished by the weekend. If it's not finished then there will only be a day or so of work to be done next week.

"We had an informal visit from one of the ground graders who was very impressed with what we had done, so it looks like our confidence about getting it done is well founded.

"We're still £25,000 light on the money so our push to pay for it has to plough on. But in terms of getting the job done, we are virtually there.

"However, our hearts are going to be in our mouths until we know we've got the ground grading. With everything we have done and the money we have already spent and committed ourselves to, it doesn't bear contemplation that we don't get the grading.

"I know full well that so many people doubted us but here we are now and we have all but finished it. I don't blame people for being sceptical but the sceptics underestimated our determination."

Nevertheless, Reeves is keen to point out Poole's need for revenue is higher than at any point in club history.

"With all the money we are spending, plus the need to remain competitive on the field, our need to generate additional revenue streams is greater than ever.

"We have no intention of letting anybody down and our cashflow forecasts demonstrate we will be able to pay our way but it's more than that.

"We are not going to not pay our bills but the less money we have, the less competitive we are going to be on the park."

Reeves added: "We are desperately hoping the people of Poole will realise what we've done and that we are worth supporting, and that maybe our 500 gates can turn into 800. That would make a dramatic difference very quickly.

"We are hoping we will spark the interest of businesses in Poole and that they will become involved and enjoy what we have to offer."

Poole had yesterday morning received no contact from the Football Association regarding boss Tom Killick, who was sent to the stand during last weekend's loss to Welling.

The FA has not responded to the Daily Echo despite this newspaper's attempts to clear up what sanctions, if any, will be imposed.