POLISH star guest Krzysztof Kasprzak produced the ultimate job interview for a 2017 team place, storming to a 14 paid 15-point maximum as Poole saw off table-topping Belle Vue tonight.

The champions feared they faced an uphill struggle to earn first pick of opponents for the Elite League play-off semi-finals after leaving Manchester and Leicester empty-handed on Bank Holiday Monday.

But they hit back in style with flawless Kasprzak underlining his affection for the club as he guested in place of injured skipper Hans Andersen, who suffered a broken finger at Leicester on Monday.

Holder missed that 52-38 loss with a migraine brought on by toothache. But it was the Aces who were given a headache last night.

Sweeping around the white line, he passed the fast-trapping Steve Worrall on lap two, turn two to win heat one.

Poole’s hopes in the reserve race were boosted when Joe Jacobs ploughed through the tapes to incur a 15-metre handicap.

But there was nothing Pirates pair Bjarne Pedersen and Kyle Newman could do to stop Belle Vue star Richie Worrall storming clear for victory.

Poole edged ahead courtesy of Kasprzak in heat three, when the Pole hunted down Aces favourite Craig Cook, blazing under him on lap three, bend three. He held off the Cumbrian for a fantastic 4-2 with Poole star Krzysztof Buczkowski in third.

Belle Vue pair Scott Nicholls and Joe Jacobs comfortably out-gated Pirates’ Brady Kurtz and Newman in race four, but the action was stopped after Kurtz crashed on lap two, turn two.

This handed Newman a second bite of the cherry. After a jumped start from Jacobs in the first re-run and then the Poole hero in the second, Scott Nicholls finally charged clear to win for the Aces.

Jacobs was leading Newman in the battle for second, but the Dorset star took to the dirt and thundered past at the end of lap two to ensure Belle Vue didn’t take the lead, as the teams drew level at 12-12.

Pirates took charge again after Pedersen flew past Steven Worrall on turn four to lead Ellis to a 4-2 in heat five.

With Zagar and Cook at the tapes, Buczkowski and Kurtz faced a huge test in race six. But the Pole took up the challenge with a sublime start. The volume crept up and up at Wimborne Road as Buczkowski came under an intense assault with Zagar on the inside and Cook rampaging around the fence.

But Buczkowski rode the smartest of lines, keeping his cool and giving it full gas when needed to keep the Belle Vue duo at bay and sustain Poole’s two-point cushion in undoubtedly the race of the night.

Holder and Kasprzak knew they had a tough act to follow in heat seven, and duly delivered with a huge 5-1 over Nicholls and Fricke to put the hosts six up.

Kurtz and Newman couldn’t halt a pacey Steven Worrall in race eight, but his brother Richie was given a torrid time in second, with Kurtz barging past on lap two, turn three and Newman charging around him at the end of lap three to share the heat.

Poole moved eight up in race nine when Pedersen fended off a great challenge from Nicholls to lead Ellis to a 4-2.

Kasprzak may be on loan at Coventry this year, but he proved he stills knows the fastest way around Wimborne Road, overhauling SGP star Zagar superbly to win race 10 and put Poole 10 points up, with Buczkowski third.

Aces boss Mark Lemon took his final throw of the dice, nominating Cook for a tactical ride in heat 11. And it was the ultimate time to seal his first win as he cruised to a huge six points, with Holder unable to get near him as Belle Vue moved within seven.

Pirates promptly hit back with a maximum from Pedersen and Newman in race 12, as Aces’ Richie Worrall suffered mechanical troubles on lap two to surrender second spot.

Poole guaranteed the three points when a perfect Kasprzak start saw him lead Holder to a huge 5-1 over Aces top guns Zagar and Cook in heat 13.

Fricke and Nicholls romped to a Belle Vue maximum in race 14, but Kasprzak had the final word, blitzing past Cook and Nicholls in heat 15 to complete a stunning maximum and leave the Aces sweating at the top with Pirates heading to Manchester on September 12.