PIRATES came prepared for a victory parade against lowly Leicester, laying on a marching band, vuvuzelas and fireworks at Wimborne Road.

And Neil Middleditch’s men duly delivered a procession on the track as Poole annihilated the Lions 58-32.

Pirates promoter Matt Ford declared the meeting a ‘Celebration of Speedway’, offering £10 admission for adults with kids going free.

His decision to hand out 200 vuvuzelas may have driven some regulars to distraction but it created a carnival atmosphere on a night which could have been a damp squib with drizzle rendering conditions tough early on.

It has been a year to forget for Leicester, with their riders reportedly telling officials they are still owed money by the club ahead of the meeting.

But this was a cheap night for their management, while Poole handed Ford a hefty wage bill for an impressive demolition job.

Pirates started with purpose in heat one as world under-21 finalist Adam Ellis jetted from gate one to hit the front, while Chris Holder barged under Aaron Summers to take second for a simple 5-1.

Bjarne Pedersen left his rivals trailing from the tapes in heat two, with Kyle Newman powering around Lions duo Josh Auty and Michael Palm Toft for second spot on bend two, before fending off the Brit for another maximum.

Leicester’s woes continued in race three when Szymon Wozniak was excluded after slipping off at the back on turn three.

Pirates continued their rampage in the re-run with Hans Andersen and Krzysztof Buczkowski out-trapping Lions’ Nicolai Klindt for another 5-1.

While Brady Kurtz hit the front and thundered clear for Poole in heat four, the visitors enjoyed some good fortune when Kyle Newman lost his steel shoe on turn three. This handed Lions pair Paul Starke and Josh Auty second and third to end the avalanche of maximums.

Ellis cleared off in heat five but Summers beat Pedersen to second spot to restrict them to a 4-2.

Former Poole star Starke took a tumble on turn one in race six, taking partner Wozniak with him.

Both were allowed to restart and Pirates left them trailing, with Buczkowski making a great gate and Kurtz hurtling round the outside of the Leicester pair on turn two before storming into the lead.

Starke fell again on lap three, turn two, but quickly cleared the track, allowing Poole to surge into an 18-point lead.

Pirates added their fifth 5-1 in heat seven courtesy of Andersen and Holder, prompting Lions boss Norrie Allan to send Summers out for a tactical ride in race eight.

But disaster struck when the Aussie took a lunge at the tapes, avoiding them by millimetres as they lifted. Despite his movement, referee Willie Dishington played the advantage superbly, allowing Kurtz and Newman to cruise clear for a 5-1 and leave Summers with double zero.

Ellis rounded Starke on turn two to win heat nine, with Pedersen forced to the back by Auty.

It took 10 races, but Lions finally made a dent in Pirates’ lead as Summers and Wozniak jetted from the tapes for a much-needed maximum, with Buczkowski and Andersen getting in each other’s way as they chased them down.

Normal service was resumed in race 11 as Holder triumphed, with Ellis rounding Klindt for second to put Poole 26 points clear again.

The one-way traffic was briefly halted by a superb heat 12. Pedersen appeared to have things under control while Newman was holding second, but Auty was determined to end his night on a high.

He forced Newman wide on turn four before barging under Pedersen on the penultimate corner for a hard-fought win, while Newman just about got the better of Palm Toft for third.

Holder triumphed in race 13 ahead of Wozniak, who battled hard to pass Andersen.

Leicester skipper Klindt got away with a rolling start in heat 14 to lead Buczkowski and Kurtz, with the Aussie suffering his first loss.

He made up for it in the nominated race with a speedy second behind Klindt, while Ellis saw his maximum dreams dashed at the back, despite all but riding the wheels off his bike to chase Summers in third.

Poole enjoyed the post-meeting fireworks as they celebrated a thumping triumph but they will be aware greater challenges lie ahead, with leaders Belle Vue due in Dorset a week tomorrow.


PIRATES 58: 1 Chris Holder (2*-2*-3-3) 10+2, 2 Adam Ellis (3-3-3-2*-0) 11+1, 3 Krzysztof Buczkowski (2*-2*-1-2) 7+2, 4 Brady Kurtz (3-3-3-1*-2) 12+1, 5 Hans Andersen (3-3-0-1) 7, 6 Bjarne Pedersen (3-1-0-2) 6, 7 Kyle Newman (2*-r-2*-1*) 5+3.

LEICESTER 32: 1 Rider replacement – Patrick Hougaard, 2 Aaron Summers (1-2-0^-3-0-1) 7, 3 Nicolai Klindt (0-1-0-1-3-3) 8, 4 Paul Starke (2-f-1-2-0) 5, 5 Szymon Wozniak (x-1-2*-0-2) 5+1, 6 Michael Palm Toft (0-0-1-0) 1, 7 Josh Auty (1-1*-1*-3) 6+2.

Ht 1: Ellis, Holder, Summers, Klindt, 61.62 (5-1).

Ht 2: Pedersen, Newman, Auty, Palm Toft, 63.18 (10-2).

Ht 3 (re-run): Andersen, Buczkowski, Klindt, Wozniak (f.exc), 64.37 (15-3).

Ht 4: Kurtz, Starke, Auty, Newman (ret), 64.34 (18-6).

Ht 5: Ellis, Summers, Pedersen, Palm Toft, 64.59 (22-8).

Ht 6 (re-run): Kurtz, Buczkowski, Wozniak, Starke (f), 63.97 (27-9).

Ht 7: Andersen, Holder, Starke, Klindt, 64.25 (32-10).

Ht 8: Kurtz, Newman, Palm Toft, Summers (tactical ride), 63.56 (37-11).

Ht 9: Ellis, Starke, Auty, Pedersen, 63.22 (40-14).

Ht 10: Summers, Wozniak, Buczkowski, Andersen, 64.00 (41-19).

Ht 11: Holder, Ellis, Klindt, Wozniak, 61.37 (46-20).

Ht 12: Auty, Pedersen, Newman, Palm Toft, 62.78 (49-23).

Ht 13: Holder, Wozniak, Andersen, Summers, 62.32 (53-25).

Ht 14: Klindt, Buczkowski, Kurtz, Starke, 62.15 (56-28).

Ht 15: Klindt, Kurtz, Summers, Ellis, 62.50 (58-32).