DAVEY Watt felt he had deserved longer to prove his credentials at Pirates but admitted he had no choice but to accept his sudden exit.

The popular Aussie, who has won five league titles in six separate seasons at Poole, was on Monday replaced by Bjarne Pedersen just five meetings into the campaign.

Promoter Matt Ford admitted the team change had left him 'uncomfortable' but insisted he had made the right decision.

Skipper Watt had managed just 19 points in the league in 2016 but the Queenslander said he had deserved more time to turn his form around.

He told the Daily Echo: "There is frustration and disappointment there. I'm disappointed I couldn't improve my form and also that I wasn't given much of a chance after all I've done for the club.

"It's only April. If it was August and I was having some serious problems, I'd probably put my hand up and say 'bring someone else in because it's a critical time of the season'.

"We have just won at home by 30-plus points and served up six 5-1s in a row. I just think it was a bit harsh. I'm a little bit disappointed Matt didn't recognise that.

"It's a bit of a low blow but I accept it. I accept that Matt has to make decisions that aren't always popular. He has made his decision and I can't go against it.

"I don't see the need for a panic move but I'm not a promoter and I don't profess to know what the best interests of the club are.

"It would have been nice to have had some support rather than to be told my services are no longer required – that's the most disappointing part for me.

"But I've had a lot of good times at Poole and a lot of trophies and that's been really great for me and the club. I have really enjoyed myself.

"It's quite a bitter pill to swallow with it finishing like this but it's something I have to take."

Asked if he could see himself coming back to Wimborne Road in the future, Watt added: "Right now, I'm not really sure on where I stand with it all.

"For me, I'm just trying to work on right now and I can't look too far into the future."

Pedersen is due to make his Pirates debut at King's Lynn tonight (7.30pm), with experienced Dane Hans Andersen assuming the interim captaincy.

British under-21 champion Josh Bates guests in place of Kyle Newman, who is struggling with a groin problem. Stuart Robson had initially been booked to cover but that move was blocked by the British Speedway Promoters' Association's management committee.

Belle Vue star Scott Nicholls and Nikolaj Busk Jacobsen feature for the Stars in the absences of Rory Schlein and Kai Huckenbeck, respectively.

King's Lynn (from): Niels-Kristian Iversen, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen, Mads Korneliussen, Robert Lambert, Scott Nicholls, Lewis Rose, Carl Wilkinson.

Pirates: (from) Hans Andersen, Krzysztof Buczkowski, Chris Holder, Brady Kurtz, Bjarne Pedersen, Adam Ellis, Stuart Robson.