REAL MADRID-Barcelona is El Clasico, Roma-Lazio is Derby della Capitale and Olympiakos-Panathinaikos is The Mother of all Battles.

But what should the clash between Cherries and Southampton be termed?

In the past the fixture has been called "the New Forest derby" but that is surely misleading given that neither team is based in the New Forest.

The title "south-coast derby" is accurate but fails to satisfactorily distinguish the fixture from other games which involve south-coast teams.

So here at Echo Towers we need YOU to come up with a new name for Cherries' head-to-heads with Saints ahead of Sunday's meeting at St Mary's.

Our current best effort – The A31-M27-provided-you-don't-go-through-Lyndhurst derby – just isn't cutting it.

Please leave your (much better) suggestions in the comments section below.