CHERRIES will swap the likes of the New York Stadium and Bloomfield Road for the Emirates and the Etihad next season.

But while boss Eddie Howe acknowledges the task will be “incredibly difficult”, he insists he will be treating it just as he did at Carlisle and Hartlepool.

“We won’t forsake our principles,” said Howe, who has guided Cherries to a third promotion in five years which has seen them climb from League Two to the Premier League.

“If you could guarantee me success playing a different way, maybe being more direct or putting more balls in the box, then we would look at it but I don’t think it would.

"For me, the best way to try to win in the Premier League is to try to do what we have done this season and dominate the ball.

“It is going to be more difficult because we are playing against better players. But why not?

“We have proved this season that we are a good team and deserve to be where we are on merit. We will challenge it like we did our rise from League One to the Championship.

“We always thought bringing in a footballing philosophy we felt would be transferable from the Championship to the Premier League would give us a greater chance.

“If you play one way to get out of the Championship and then have to rip it up and start again in the Premier League, I think you would struggle and it would be too difficult so that is why we implemented what we did. We believe it can work but, ultimately, it will be decided on the pitch.”

Since returning to Dean Court for a second spell in October 2012, Howe has always resisted the temptation to dramatically overhaul his squad, preferring to bring in quality rather than quantity.

Asked about the possibility of having to change the dynamics of his team following promotion, Howe said: “I think that is just natural progression.

“If we had been in the Championship next season, we would have changed the dynamics of the squad because you have to keep things fresh. I don’t see that being a huge issue for us. We would always try to improve things, regardless of which division we were in.

“In terms of the players, I think some are ready and have no doubts some will perform well. Sometimes, players surprise you, ones you don’t expect and they really step up to the plate. Some you think maybe will struggle. It will be interesting to look and see how our players adapt.

“It was interesting to see our development from League One to the Championship. It took us a bit of time to adjust but, when we did, we found our feet and the confidence grew. This is going to be a lot tougher, there is no doubt about that.”

Asked how difficult he felt it would be for Cherries to compete in the top flight, Howe replied: “I’m not sure that is a question for now really.

“It is going to be incredibly difficult and we are not going to underestimate the challenge in front of us. But the objective now is to try to savour the success we have had and try to recognise the achievements of the players and worry about that later.”

And asked when he felt promotion would be a real possibility, Howe said: “I honestly didn’t. You don’t want to think it is possible and don’t think too far ahead. You work hard every day to try to win games.

“It has been so intense. The Championship is such a tough league because you have game after game in such a short period of time.

“People were waiting for us to slip away, looking at our squad and saying it might not be deep enough to maintain our push. But we just tried to win games and didn’t think about the opposition too much.”