The Grange School pupils took to the stage at the Pavilion Theatre yesterday to rehearse for the Bournemouth heat of Rock Challemnge 2019.

Chelcie Peryer, drama teacher at Grange School, said: "I absolutely love this event. All the students get really involved, they’re really supportive of each other and it’s great for them to meet other schools and see other dances.

"We’ve had a group of almost 40 students in years 7-11 working on our piece. They’ve been working tirelessly, on weekends as well as in after school rehearsals. One of our students in Year 10 is our key choreographer for it. How they’ve developed has been amazing, they’ve been such a good team.

"The theme is the Peasants’ Revolt, showing the battle between the peasants and royals in 1381. The dance teacher came up with the theme with the lead students."