Pupils from Corfe Hills School took to the stage at Pavilion Theatre yesterday to rehearse for the Bournemouth heat of Rock Challenge 2019. 

Kirsty Gammack, sixth form personal development leader at Corfe Hills, said: "The kids have been rehearsing every day after school and on Sundays since September, so there’s been a lot of time and effort and a lot of rehearsals. One of our students, Hannah Collins, is one of the choreographers so she came up with the theme and choreographed it.

"The theme is #MeToo so it's really relevant. Around 60 students from Year 9 onwards are involved. Students who don’t do the school shows get involved in Rock Challenge - it’s for everyone."

Teacher Ruth Paulus said: "It’s nice to see the art side of things as I teach science. A lot of schools won’t have one of their students as the choreographer, but we let them. They do everything themselves, the teachers oversee it."