Pupils from St Edward’s School took part in the Bournemouth heat of Rock Challenge 2019.

Here are pictures from their rehearsals at the Pavilion Theatre

Nicola Cannings from St Edward’s School said: “We’re doing the true story behind The Greatest Showman. P. T. Barnum wasn’t quite the nice character that everyone thinks he was.

"The film is promoting inclusion, which is great, but the real P. T. Barnum had slaves and curiosities. Our students bring that to life and start by focussing on a show and delving behind that story, which ends with showing that he’s taking full advantage and had enough with one of his curiosities.

"We haven’t done a Rock Challenge for a little while so we picked a theme we thought a lot of our students would want to get involved in. We have about 45 pupils from Years 8 to 13 involved.

"It’s a really great way of getting kids to mingle with other year groups, so it’s really nice to see them grow as one big team."