Analysing and breaking down what music you listen to on Spotify is something a lot of users of the music streaming platform really enjoy.

Whether it's through the end of year Spotify Wrapped or some other external service, people can't get enough of working out exactly what their music taste is.

For those who can't get enough of it, another service has emerged on the scene to show off your most popular and obscure artists.

This comes in the form of Icebergify, which like the name suggests, picks out your favourite and least favourite artists in the form of an iceberg chart.

Bournemouth Echo: An example of a Spotify Iceberg chart (Credit: Screenshot/Icebergify)An example of a Spotify Iceberg chart (Credit: Screenshot/Icebergify)

What is Icebergify?

As reported by Mashable Icebergify collects data from your top 50 artists in your short-term, medium-term, and long-term listening trends.

It looks at those top artists and organises them by their popularity or obscurity, and then pops them into an iceberg category.

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For example, if you listen to the likes of Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift they will appear at the top of the iceberg.

Far more obscure artists you listen to will appear at the very bottom.

If you don't listen to any artists in a certain level of popularity, the level will just show up blank.

How to create your own Spotify Iceberg chart

You'll need to head to the Icebergify website here, and log into your Spotify account.

From there you will need to give permission for the site to access some of your music streaming data to create the chart.

The chart might take a few attempts to actually work, but a few refreshes should eventually sort this out.