The hit BBC Crime drama Silent Witness has been gracing the nation's screens for the last three weeks with its new series. 

Marking the show's 25 seasons, the popular forensic show stars Emilia Fox and David Caves as they use their skills to solve the daunting and dark crimes. 

With the first episode of the new series even saw the return of a familiar face to fans, Amanda Burton as Professor Sam Ryan the predecessor of Emilia Fox. 

But now three weeks from the new series pilot, the show seems to be missing from the TV schedule leaving fans of the show to question why the show has disappeared. 

Bournemouth Echo: Amanda Burton and Emilia Fox. (BBC)Amanda Burton and Emilia Fox. (BBC)

Well, we have the answer for you, as it seems the hit show has already finished its latest season and making way for a new drama.

Unlike the previous series of Silent Witness having nine episodes, the new series had just five. 

And with each story split into episodes aired over Monday and Tuesday night, they fly by, and before you know it the series is over. 

But fans of crime drama, do not worry as there is a brand new murder-filled show hitting the BBC this evening (June 13). 

With the start of the new show, Sherwood, follows the story of an ex-mining town when a tragic and unexpected murder occurs whilst Detective Chief Superintendent Ian St Clair is called to investigate.

You can watch all episodes of Silent Witness now on BBC iPlayer and Sherwood at 9pm on BBC One Monday, June 13.