Corona has released its first non-beer alcoholic drink range and it somehow made a Scottish beach feel tropical. 

Corona Tropical is a lightly sparkling drink with alcohol made with real fruit juice that only launched this month. 

The spirit-based drink is 4.5% ( alcohol by volume) ABV and is actually made with no added sugar.

The new beverage, which is less than 100 calories comes in three tropical flavours.

Bournemouth Echo: Expectation vs Reality of trying Corona Tropical. Credit: Corona/ Rebecca CareyExpectation vs Reality of trying Corona Tropical. Credit: Corona/ Rebecca Carey

Choose between Guava & Lime, Raspberry & Lemon, and Grapefruit & Lemongrass so there is something for everyone.

Corona releases first non-beer drink in time for summer

"The ideal summer drink, Corona Tropical is an inclusive beverage for those who love Corona as a brand but sometimes want to go beyond beer when it comes to alcoholic beverages, a spokesperson at Corona said.

They added: "Corona Tropical is a highly refreshing new way to enjoy the Corona feeling of paradise and reconnecting with nature! Perfect to pack for your day trip to Brighton or while lounging in London Fields with your mates."

Taking inspiration from the tropical theme, we packed a picnic and headed to the back to try the new range. 

While the idea of the light and summery flavours were putting us in that hot girl summer mindset, Scottish weather in May had other ideas. 

While we weren't enjoying the new booze in the same peak conditions of 30 plus weather on a sunlounger somewhere secluded, the new drinks did break a Tropical touch to the East Lothian beach.

As lovers of Raspberry and Lemon, we were really looking forward to trying the new fruity flavour in particular. 

Truthfully, it wasn't our favourite but served with ice and lime it does make a fresh and refreshing drink that is ideal for chilling in a beer garden somewhere.

Bournemouth Echo:

We were actually really surprised by the Guava & Lime, the tropical and zesty fruits worked really together and had a pleasant and summery taste. 

The Grapefruit & Lemongrass flavour was also really enjoyable ( especially after you've already drunk the first two!) with its light and citrus flavour and smell.

Although we won't be giving up the classic beer anytime soon - the new drinks definitely introduce an exciting summer shake-up and we'd definitely recommend them.

The new products are available now at selected Tesco, Budgens, Londis and Premier stores including in 330ml single cans and in an 8x330ml Variety Pack (£2.75/£16) too.