The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has heavily criticised Boris Johnson in his response to the Sue Gray report, making note of his "catalogue of criminality".

In making a speech after PMQs today, Boris Johnson admitted that some of the Number 10 gatherings were "clearly in breach of the rules".

Additionally he added that he tales “full responsibility for everything that took place on my watch”.

However, he added: "“I am confident with the changes and new structures that are now in place, that we are humbled by the experience and we have learned our lesson."

Bournemouth Echo: Boris Johnson gave a response to the Sue Gray report's release (House of Commons/PA)Boris Johnson gave a response to the Sue Gray report's release (House of Commons/PA)

What did Sir Keir Starmer say in response to this?

In response to this Sir Keir didn't hold back in his criticism of the Prime Minister for his actions.

He said: “It is now impossible to defend the Prime Minister’s words to this House. This is about trust.

“Because during that May 20 press conference, the British public were told normal life as we know it is a long way off. But that wasn’t the case in Number 10.

“Even now after 126 fines, they think it is everyone else’s fault but theirs. They expect others to take the blame whilst they cling on. They pretend that the Prime Minister has somehow been exonerated, as if the fact that he only broke the law once is worthy of praise.

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“The truth is they set the bar for his conduct lower than a snake’s belly and now they expect the rest of us to congratulate him as he stumbles over it.”

Sir Keir also made comparison to the criticism aimed at him about his 'Beergate' scandal and that the attempt to compare that "perfectly legal takeaway" to "this catalogue of criminality" was "ridiculous".

However, he added that if the police found the situation to have broken rules at the time, he would do the "decent thing and step down".

He added: “Members on the opposite benches now also need to show leadership. This Prime Minister is steering the country in the wrong direction. They can hide in the backseat, eyes covered, praying for a miracle or they can act. Stop this out-of-touch, out-of-control Prime Minister from driving Britain towards disaster.

“We waited for the Sue Gray report. The country can’t wait any longer. The value symbolised by the door of Number 10 must be restored. Members opposite must finally do their bit, they must tell the current inhabitant, their leader, that his has gone on too long. The game is up. You cannot be a lawmaker and a law breaker.”