Sky has commissioned six new documentaries in an exciting move to give viewers more factual content.

The leading media and entertainment company has revealed that the six new titles will be available across Sky Documentaries, Sky Crime, Sky Nature and Sky HISTORY.

You will also be able to catch the new documentaries on the streaming service NOW.

The new programmes are all currently in production and will air in late 2022 and early 2023. 

Bournemouth Echo: A person browsing shows on a TV with a remote. Credit: CanvaA person browsing shows on a TV with a remote. Credit: Canva

Here's when the new Sky docs are due to be released and what we can expect from them.

New Sky documentaries announced 

Libby Are You Home Yet?

Bournemouth Echo: Libby Are You Home Yet?. Credit: SkyLibby Are You Home Yet?. Credit: Sky

Release date: October 2022

Where to watch: Sky Crime 

Libby Are You Home Yet? is a three-part series that tells the story of Libby Squire.

Libby was a 21-year-old student, who was abducted and murdered while walking home from a club in her university city of Hull in 2019.

Her disappearance sparked the largest manhunt in Humberside Police history, which culminated in the arrest of a local man, Pawel Relowicz.

The series follows her life, the hours that led to her death and the exhaustive investigation that followed with the help of Libby’s family, friends and the Police.

This series aims to challenge that narrative and culture of victim-blaming - where women seem to be solely responsible for their own personal safety.

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Italia '90

Bournemouth Echo: Italia '90. Credit: SkyItalia '90. Credit: Sky

Release date:  November 2022

Where to watch: Sky Documentaries and streaming service NOW

This unmissable documentary tells the definitive story of the World Cup that forever changed football through the eyes of iconic interviewees, including Paul Gascoigne, Roger Milla and Lothar Matthäus,

The story follows five of the most memorable teams, bringing you all the edge-of-the-seat drama on the pitch as well as all the social history that was happening off the field. 

The Royal Mob 

Bournemouth Echo: The Royal Mob. Credit: SkyThe Royal Mob. Credit: Sky

Release date:  November 2022

Where to watch: Sky HISTORY and streaming service NOW

Uncover the jaw-dropping saga of the extended royal family as The Royal Mob unravels their loves, marriages and feuds.

Told through the eyes of the Hesse sisters - Queen Victoria’s granddaughters  – the series looks at the family tensions which set cousin against cousin and saw millions plunged into the bloodiest war the world had ever known.

The epic Sky HISTORY original drama-documentary from Nutopia brings together the best of both worlds with premium scripted drama with expert analysis from leading historians.

Arctic From Above with Liz Bonnin

Bournemouth Echo: Arctic From Above with Liz Bonnin. Credit: SkyArctic From Above with Liz Bonnin. Credit: Sky

Release date: Early 2023

Where to watch: Sky Nature and streaming service NOW

Wildlife biologist, Liz Bonnin, travels to one of Earth’s last great wildernesses to reveal fresh insights about its animals.

In Arctic From Above with Liz Bonnin, you'll bear witness to a stunning archive with dynamic sequences on water, ice, and snow not to mention some magnificent creatures along the way.

Liz joins scientists in helicopters, using drones, satellite trackers and imagery, to make new discoveries about the region’s iconic species including polar bears to arctic foxes to walruses and wolves.

The Assassination of Olof Palme

Bournemouth Echo: The Assassination of Olof Palme. Credit: SkyThe Assassination of Olof Palme. Credit: Sky

Release date: Early 2023

Where to watch: Sky Documentaries and streaming service NOW

Sky describes The Assassination of Olof Palme as "an endlessly twisting thriller-esque four-part series".

It is set in the Scandi Noir world of Cold War Sweden and looks at the 1986 shooting of Swedish prime minister, Olof Palme, on the snowy streets of Stockholm.

The assassination sparks a 36-year search for the killer and is a story that has consumed many people including the late best-selling novelist, Stieg Larsson, author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, whose personal files form the heart of this investigation

The Essex Murders

Bournemouth Echo: The Essex Murders. Credit: SkyThe Essex Murders. Credit: Sky

Release date: Early 2023

Where to watch: Sky Documentaries and streaming service NOW

On December 6th 1995, police are called to a country lane in Essex, to find three men shot dead in a Range Rover.

The victims are identified as the notorious Essex Boys who were major players in the Ecstasy trade that fuelled Britain’s booming rave scene.

Although two men are finally convicted of the murders and the case should be closed - it never truly goes away especially when the two men Jack Whomes and Mick Steele maintain their innocence. 

The three-part documentary goes beyond the headlines that sparked such a media frenzy to explore the wider context and delve deeper into the 90s rave scene, Essex's underworld and one of nation’s most infamous gangs.  

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