UK businesses are currently facing the tightest recruitment market in many years. 

The Office for National Statistics reported over one million job vacancies advertised from June to August 2021 for the first time since records began in 2001, while The Survey of Business Activity states staff shortages are now 14 times higher than normal, the worst level recorded since the survey’s launch in January 1998.  

Individuals have left sectors in the search for job security and safety away from front line roles, and the ‘pingdemic’ meant many jobseekers had to self-isolate rather than attend interviews or start new jobs.  In certain sectors such as Care, Logistics, Hospitality, IT and Engineering, there is a real skill shortage. 

The supply shortages caused by the pandemic coupled with the impact on immigration from Brexit have started to bite. Ann Swain, Chief Executive of The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), commented “The existing Brexit immigration policy requires urgent review and APSCo continues its calls to the Government to provide an entry route into the UK that both allows and encourages high value independent professionals to work in the country on a project-basis."

Many of us may now be noticing less choice in supermarkets, increased wait times for online deliveries or out-of-stock items.  The industry is having to adjust to a new reality.

This is a perfect storm for local business trying to fill vacancies.  It’s evident that staff shortages aren’t going to be resolved overnight, so businesses must be equipped with the expertise required to help them stand out from the crowd and attract the right candidates for their roles.  This is easier said than done in most cases, especially in today’s highly saturated market.  Recruiters also tend to have other responsibilities and often a full-time job of their own resulting in time pressure, budget restraints and overall frustration.

Five things to help your business survive amid skill shortage

There are five things I’d recommend businesses must do to keep their businesses alive or prosper from increased demand:

  1. It is essential to capture candidates’ attention.  Write compelling job ads, not job descriptions. 
  2. Use data insights to post the advert on the job board which had the best results in the past.
  3. Create a candidate campaign across social media and related sites which targets the persona, occupation, and sector you wish to hire for.
  4. Access and engage with relevant candidates across your candidate database and talent pools.
  5. If you lack the experience or resource, then consider getting help from a specialist.


That’s where RecruitmentiQ comes in.  As media owners and recruitment experts with over 20 years of experience, we have the intelligence, technology, and a proven track record to help you find the best local candidates. Our cost-effective range of solutions allows you to gain support where you need it, whether that's an expert writing your job adverts, help with screening candidates or to fully market your vacancy and company as an employer brand of choice to those elusive candidates.

It takes time and expertise to hire the right staff to take your business forward and that becomes even more challenging in a candidate driven market.  It’s critical that you reduce your time to hire and get to those ‘gold dust’ candidates before they are snapped up by your competitors. 

We thrive in these market conditions, we know how to source, screen, and shortlist the perfect candidates from the best channels – quickly and cost effectively.

Great new talent is out there – let RecruitmentiQ help you hire it.  Find out more at or get in touch today on 0208 722 6444.

Gavin Mochan, Commercial Director, RecruitmentiQ