Google has revealed the top searches in the UK and unsurprisingly coronavirus tops the list and dominated searches in 2020.

As the pandemic developed people across the country were turning to Google to find the answers they were looking for.

How to make a face mask? When will gyms reopen? What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

Back in March at the peak of lockdown when so many people were on furlough, many of us were scratching around, finding things to occupy us.

A lot of us turned to baking and unsurprisingly “How to make bread?” was one of the most popular searches of the year.

2020 was also a year when the Black Live Matter movement gained international support and it is the main topic in a video released by Google featuring tributes to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Watch the video here:

The UK's top 10 searches were:

 1. Coronavirus
2. US election
3. Caroline Flack
4. Coronavirus symptoms
5. Coronavirus update
6. Premier League
7. Boris Johnson
8. Eat Out to Help Out
9. Kobe Bryant
10. Kim Jong Un

Phillip Schofield topped the list of celebrity searches this year followed by Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic, stars of Netflix hit, Tiger King. 

Top 10 searched-for celebrities of 2020

1. Phillip Schofield
2. Carole Baskin
3. Joe Exotic
4. Jordan North
5. Elon Musk
6. Prince Harry
7. Kanye West
8. Ruthie Henshall
9. Johnny Depp
10. Tom Hanks

Bournemouth Echo: (PA Wire)(PA Wire)

And as people decided they wanted to be more productive with their time or opted to take back control of their lockdown hair, the DIY enthusiasts among us turned to Google for advice. 

Top 10 DIY searches

  1. DIY face mask
  2. DIY hand sanitizer
  3. DIY click and collect
  4. DIY shops
  5. DIY garden ideas
  6. Mud kitchen DIY
  7. Are DIY stores open during lockdown?
  8. DIY diamond painting
  9. DIY haircut
  10. DIY decking

And if you think your music playlist has been a bit all over the place this year, you're not alone. Check out the most searched for lyrics of 2020.

Top 10 music lyric searches of 2020 

1. WAP lyrics
2. We'll Meet Again lyrics
3. Godzilla lyrics
4. The Box lyrics
5. Rule Britannia lyrics
6. Dance Monkey lyrics
7. No Time To Die lyrics
8. Break My Stride lyrics
9. Land of Hope and Glory lyrics
10. Savage Love lyrics

You can find out a full list of the UK's top Google searches this here at Google Trends.