The thorny problems of coronavirus and Brexit transition negotiations might be enough to stump any man but Boris Johnson displayed his prowess with bat and ball in a game of cricket with schoolchildren in his constituency.

The Prime Minister has been on a fitness drive following his own hospital ordeal when he was struck down by Covid-19 earlier this year but showed his experience in dealing with hostile deliveries when he was at the crease, while his bowling stint left his opponents wondering if they might be bamboozled by his mastery of spin.

Mr Johnson, who was mayor of London during the 2012 Olympics, has often needed little invitation to take up a sporting challenge and famously floored one child rugby player who tried to tackle him during a visit to Japan. He has also been known to play tennis in the grounds of the Palace of Westminster.

Boris Johnson visits his Uxbridge constituency
Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes part in a game of cricket during a sports lesson at Ruislip High School in his local constituency of Uxbridge (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Boris Johnson visits his Uxbridge constituency
Howzat! Waiting for the umpire’s verdict on his latest delivery (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Boris Johnson visits his Uxbridge constituency
Taking a turn with both bat and ball, Mr Johnson showed his fitness levels are improving after his bout of Covid-19 earlier in the year (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Boris Johnson visit to Japan – Day Four
Giving no quarter, Mr Johnson joined a street rugby tournament in Tokyo during a visit in 2015 when he was mayor of London (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Boris Johnson visit to Japan – Day Four
The shoulder charge was deemed hard, if not a little unfair on his plucky tackler…. (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Boris Johnson visit to Japan – Day Four
…Mr Johnson was later pictured shaking the hand of his fearless opponent 10-year-old Toki Sekiguchi (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
General Election 2019
During the general election campaign in December 2019, Mr Johnson tried his hand in goal in the Cheshire Girls football league in Cheadle Hume (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Boris Johnson visit to Israel – Day Two
Even international opponents hold no fear for the PM, here Mr Johnson has a kick-about with Israeli president Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem in 2015 (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
ParkLives project
Tennis has long been a passion of the Prime Minister… (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Boris visits youth club
… and his fondness for table tennis had him claiming it was originally an English invention called wiff-waff (Yui Mok/PA)
NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters photocall – London
During the 2012 Paralympics when he was Mayor of London, Mr Johnson joined some of world’s best wheelchair tennis players outside City Hall (Steve Parsons/PA)
London Paralympic Games – Day 2
He also managed a game of sitting volleyball with actress Barbara Windsor (Anna Gowthorpe/PA)
Cameron and Johnson campaign trail
Even when the pitch is more artificial, Mr Johnson plays to win, as then-prime minister David Cameron found to his cost in 2014 (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
NBA Basketball Week launch
Getting some tips on ball control from Malcolm Jones, 16, of the Merton Hawks in 2011 (PA)
Boris Johnson visits India – Day 5
A spirited moment during the ‘ball game’ with former rugby player Lawrence Dellaglio and local children involved in the Magic Bus Project during a visit to in Mumbai in 2012 (Stefan Rousseau/PA)