THE majority of residents in the south west are willing to give blood, organs and clinical data to help the NHS fight the diseases of the future, according to research.

Most people in the region told a YouGov Pool for the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) that they would be willing to support an advance in British medical research.

The ABPI, which represents pharmaceutical companies operating in Britain, questioned 344 people across the south west as part of a comprehensive British poll on attitudes to science and healthcare.

The poll revealed 57 per cent of people in the south west are willing to provide a blood sample to be part of a national DNA database for medical research, 54 per cent of people are willing to register as an organ donor for research purposes and 65 per cent are willing to allow the NHS to use their healthcare data for medical research.

Tom Delahoyde, managing director at Chiesi UK, who have research and development centres in the south west of England, said: “It’s clear that the people of the south west recognise the role that scientific and medical research play in delivering a world class NHS

"The willingness to make extraordinary personal contributions in order to advance scientific research will undoubtedly help us in our quest to treat, cure and eliminate rare genetic conditions."