WHEN Simon Blissett - whose stepchild is being treated at Poole Hospital - found the noise of the old-style fans at the Teenage and Young Adult cancer facility too loud, he asked the Dyson company for help.

But, after asking for one of the state-of-the-art Dyson Cool fans, he was delighted when the company's charitable foundation gave him three.

The trio of new fans are worth £750 and are quieter, cooler and cleaner than the older style machines. “The new fans enable us to get a better night’s sleep,” said Simon, who has stayed in the TYA rooms for more than 40 nights. “It’s made our stay, while not pleasurable, as good as it can be.

Kate Mutendera, haematology nurse specialist, said: “We try and make every patient feel as much at home as we can and the new Dyson fans will help make the TYA rooms as comfortable as possible for our patients and the family and friends that visit them.”

The fans in the TYA rooms are specifically installed for neutropenic patients - people who can’t fight infection and need to be in the rooms for long periods of time