THE VITAL role of healthcare assistants has been celebrated with a special party at Poole Hospital.

More than 70 staff attended the event which focused on the role of healthcare assistants, maternity care assistants and theatre support workers who provide direct patient care across all wards and departments.

The hospital thanked the workers, gave them a free goody bag and there was also a raffle with the winner receiving a hamper full of prizes including a bottle of champagne, confectionary and pampering cosmetics.

The event also concentrated on distributing information on healthcare apprenticeships, career progression, and the hospital's upcoming healthcare assistant recruitment day on December 14.

Chief executive Debbie Fleming thanked all the healthcare assistants, maternity care assistants and support workers across the trust for the vital role they play.

“Our healthcare assistants are brilliant,” she said. “They connect with our patients and make them feel safe, welcome and comfortable when they are in our care. “The event was a great way to highlight their valuable contributions while also publicising the career development opportunities available to them at Poole Hospital.”