DAVID White of Bournemouth recognised his father Reg in Gwen Battrick's photograph of Bournemouth Transport Bowling Club printed on May 5.

Reg is second from the left in the back row, wearing a stripey tie, behind the man wearing a hat and glasses. He also identified the player next to him on the left as Arthur Heal and on the far right of the same row is Burt Ford with a Mr Gibson in front of him on the right. He thinks Gwen's father Bill Stride is the man on the far left and next to him is an unknown man wearing a hat and dark jacket, then Archie Burrows, Dickie Stevenson and possibly George Chick in the hat and glasses. Sitting in the front row on the right is Don Marsh who later was the chauffeur to the mayor.

Alan Banks of Broadstone said the man with glasses next to George Chick is John 'Jack' Williams who is the father of his wife Brenda. He drove one of the last trolleybuses around Bournemouth in 1969. He retired in 1967/68 and gave up bowls not long after to play golf.

Diane Haig, now living on the Isle of Man, recognised her father Henry Hathaway in the back row, next to Burt Ford. He had ginger hair with a quiff and wore glasses. Henry worked in the Bournemouth Transport garage as a lath turner, repairing the vehicles, from when he left school until his retirement. Throughout the war he worked for the Transport department at the Southcote Road depot and also patrolled the cliff top with the Home Guard. He died in 1977, aged 68.