Since the Daily Echo featured Keira Rathbone last year, the typewriter artist’s intricate prints have become a global phenomenon.

Made on a typewriter she bought from a Poole charity shop, Keira’s unique art has been meet met with critical acclaim from as far afield as South America to her new home in the city of London.

The latest string to Keira’s bow is this portrait of David Miliband, which she was commissioned to produce for the cover of Diplomat magazine.

“The magazine goes out to the House of Lords, the House of Commons and 162 embassies, so it’s quite a good one,” she says modestly.

“I based my typeface on an image of Miliband delivering a worthy speech. It seemed alive and strong to me, so I wanted to portray this in my piece.”

Keira, who now works from her studio in Chiswick, has previously produced type prints of Kate Moss, Barack Obama, Cherie Blair and of course Bournemouth pier.

So how did she tap her way into typewriter art?

Well, after procuring the vintage typewriter on a whim, Keira enrolled on a fine art degree in Bristol where she soon found a use for her purchase.

“Somewhere in the middle of the first year, after not really having anything to write, I began experimenting with drawing with it,” explains Keira.

“Quickly I realised I would be exploring this much further.”

Just as well she did because Keira’s typewriter has helped her carve out a lucrative little niche for herself, so what’s next?

“I can’t really say at the moment,” she says coyly.

Watch this space.