THE first year of a new Global Talent Programme at Bournemouth University has been hailed a success.

More than 600 students have enrolled and have enjoyed opportunities to work abroad throughout the year, including in China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia as part of the programme.

At a ceremony in BU’s Fusion building, BU Vice-Chancellor Professor John Vinney presented the first 136 students to complete the programme with their GTP certificates.

Students also heard from BU independent board member Annette D’Abreo, co-founder and managing director of Ceuta Healthcare who said today’s students need the skills to work in a global capacity.

She said: “Instability and change are the new norm. Some of you will soon be entering the world of business and employment and as an employer we look for relevant skills and experience, but also something that shows you’ve got a passion and that you’ve got the right attitude and can be a team player.”

BU students are likely to develop their careers as part of a new, global workforce, tasked with working across national borders in multiple languages with a global mind-set that understands, appreciates and identifies with a broad cross section of cultures, customs and business practices.

The Global Talent Programme, which is open to all students studying at BU, has been created in collaboration with employers to develop students to succeed as graduates in the highly competitive global workplace.

The GTP aims to prepare students for the global workplace, offering a mixture of workshops, seminars and international immersion opportunities.

One example being Destination China, a summer school hosted by BU’s partner university, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai (BNUZ), which saw a group of students travel to China as part of BU’s Global Festival of Learning.