STUDENTS Peter Ramsey and Josh Hughes have set up a housing review site so students can warn each other about dodgy landlords.

The 20-year-olds decided to take action after a landlord kept Peter’s entire deposit for “worn grass” even though the garden had been a mess when he moved in.

The new site, Move’m, is supported by Bournemouth University and BU lettings and was launched this month.

Access is only available to students with BU or Arts University email addresses so cannot be used by landlords or their rivals posing as tenants.

“My landlord had taken £750 for ‘worn grass’ in the back garden, even though the garden was an absolute mess before we moved in” said Peter, a placement-year business student.

“My flatmates and I wanted to warn people about what happened. We went online, but we found there was nowhere to leave a review.

“We found many other students were saying on Facebook that their landlord was taking all their deposit, and they were having various other problems. We spoke to a few friends and neighbours, developed the idea, and pitched it to Bournemouth University, who were very supportive.”

Peter and Josh, a Business IT student, said many landlords take advantage of students because they know they are only going to be in the house for a year or less.

Peter added: “The overall aim is to improve the landlord system in Bournemouth and make it more reliable. It’s a big issue, with lots of underlying problems, but Move’m is a small step in the right direction.”

The site is available at