A GROUP of 70 underage drinkers were dispersed from a Poole beach by police.

Poole Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) spotted the situation at Canford Cliffs beach during their patrol between the Sandbanks Peninsula and Branksome Chine on the evening of Friday, June 11.

Officers attended the scene near the Pirate Play Park as part of the ongoing Operation Sandman.

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Alongside breaking up the large group of year 11 students, alcohol was binned with more expensive bottles taken back to the station for parents to collect, police said.

There was one assault where a boy received an injury above his eye and one heavily intoxicated female was dealt with by paramedics.

The NPT also attended one beach hut for continued parties at the location and subsequent anti-social behaviour.

A spokesperson for Poole Police said: "The youngsters we spoke to, for the most part were really polite and friendly. But as we continue to state, large out of control parties with drunk teenagers attract trouble makers.

"Poole NPT will continue to target this location throughout the summer. We will continue to dispose of alcohol and we will continue to disrupt, in an effort to prevent harm.

"If you are in smaller groups, responsible and polite - enjoy your evening.

"If you are out to cause trouble, Poole NPT will be patrolling between the Sandbanks peninsula and Branksome Chine."

The police added that they were "saddened" to see mindless smashing of glass bottles which has a wider impact on other beach users and wildlife.

Operation Sandman patrols will be running throughout the summer and again on Saturday, June 12.