OFFICERS investigating an attack on sheep near Shaftesbury have identified the owner of the dogs involved.

At around 3.10pm on Saturday, March 10, Dorset Police received a report of two dogs attacking sheep in the area of Hawkers Hill Farm.

The dogs involved were believed to be a black Labrador and a golden Labrador. Their owner was not seen at the time.

The owner of the sheep was later identified and confirmed that one of his lambs had been killed. The lamb was only a few days old.

Police Constable Richard Cooke, of North Dorset police, said: “As a result of our investigation we have spoken to the owner and victim and it was agreed that the dog owner should be issued with a dog behaviour contract to ensure he keeps his dogs under control.

“Yet again I would like to remind all dog owners to ensure their dog is on a lead whenever it is near livestock.

“If members of the public have any information or concerns regarding dogs not under control near livestock, they are urged to contact us at, via email or by calling 101.”