Angela Snell, 76, a retired administrator from Southbourne, said: "I feel it is best to think about things and then make your mind up, but some of these things do seem to be going on too long."

Pauline Gibson, 58, from Fairmile who works in a supermarket, said: "I know the process takes so long sometimes. They do fiddle about a bit too much and should get on with it in some cases. I'm a decision person. Once I make my mind up I stick to it."

Helen Parsons, a receptionist at the Grove Hotel from Southbourne, said: "I like to think about things. It is going to give me time to research and come to a conclusion. First decisions are not necessarily the right ones."

Shirley Davis, 76, a retired coil winder from Christchurch, said: "I don't think any decision should be made swiftly - even my own decisions. They should think carefully if something is going to affect the town and people in it."

Dave Barton, 62, a taxi driver from Christchurch, said: "With the council they should listen to the advice from the appropriate people and then make the right decision. They don't get the advice from the best people and sit and make decisions from inside four walls."

Sandra Barton, 61, also from Christchurch, said: "Look at what they have done at Iford roundabout. They have made a decision there, but it just seems like no actual thought or attention was put into things. It causes so much confusion now."

Janice Malcolm, 68, a retired secretary from New Milton, said: "I'm a pretty decisive person. You do mull over things, but I do not think there is much to be gained for spending too long on a decision. Everyone has to make big decisions at some point."

Trevor Albrighton, 70, a retired electrician visiting Christchurch from Poole, said: "For us it's mainly the case of you can afford to do something or you can't. That's what plays a major part in decisions. It's no good dwelling on something because it does you no favours."

Rita Albrighton, 65, a house wife also visiting from Poole, said: "You have to make decisions all the time and there is no point going over them repetitively. The most important decision we probably made was buying our house and I'm glad we did."