SLUM landlords operating in east and west Boscombe, Springbourne and the East Cliff will be targeted under Op Galaxy.

The initiative – a partnership between Dorset Police and Bournemouth council – already operates in central Boscombe.

Its scope will be widened after demand from residents in other areas, the council says.

Sophie Ricketts, strategic enforcement coordinator for housing and communities, spoke at the Springbourne and East Cliff Residents' Meeting held in Knyveton Gardens last week.

She said dedicated officers have made 3,000 visits to properties in the past few years as part of the operation. Hundreds of support referrals have also been made, with residents given advice about everything from stopping smoking to help paying bills.

"We have done a lot of work around improving accommodation, both internally and externally," she said.

"That's what we're looking at – to roll that out to a wider area.

"We've been working in Knyveton Gardens alongside residents, and looking into a few premises where we've had reports of anti-social behaviour."

Op Galaxy aims to tackle slum landlords and inadequate properties. Hundreds of addresses housing vulnerable residents have been inspected as part of the scheme, and enforcement action has been taken against landlords to ensure they meet regulations.

The initiative was initially due to be reviewed this month. However, the council has confirmed its commitment to the project.

Residents who attended the meeting on Thursday agreed many properties targeted through the initiative looked better. Some have been repainted.

Ms Ricketts said the work will "brighten and freshen" houses in need of work.

In October and November 2017, owners of some properties in Churchill Gardens, which is covered by Op Galaxy, were told by council officials to carry out improvement works or face further action.

Ms Ricketts said: "This type of work is a benefit to the entire area, and ultimately to the homeowners themselves too."