A POPULAR Bournemouth bar has been revamped for the first time since it opened 12 years ago.

Sixty Million Postcards in Exeter Road closed on January 18 for work to take place. It now features new furniture, both inside and out, new seating and booths, and work designed and created by local artists.

Operational changes have also been made behind the bar to ensure customers are served more quickly.

General manager Rich Herrett said the "long overdue" changes have been a resounding success with customers.

"We're really pleased with it," he said.

"We’ve got a lot more light into the place and it’s a lot more inviting for the general public and tourists to come into."

However, he said there were some initial concerns about the plans.

"We were worried," he said.

"As an institution, well known and loved as we were, it was quite a big change and you are always a bit apprehensive when you take that leap.

"We always wanted to keep the soul of the place and keep it as Sixty Million Postcards, we just needed to move forward in time because the pub had been battered over a 12-year period.

"It’s now more open and welcoming, and I think we’ll see a more diverse base of customers through the day.

"Our big night events and our food are as good as ever. We’re still going to be doing cutting edge live music, quirky events and two for one Tuesdays as well.

"We are really excited for the people of Bournemouth to come and see it."