BOURNEMOUTH council has imposed new licence conditions on a gay bar deemed to be a 'noise nuisance'.

Xchange, in the Triangle, faced possibly losing its licence as a result of a series of complaints made by a nearby resident from March to October last year.

These detailed loud music playing into the early hours, and revellers singing and speaking loudly in outdoor areas around the club.

The borough's environmental health team carried out noise assessments in the vicinity and noted that noise limits were being breached.

However, a licensing board hearing on Thursday heard that the bar has already put an array of mitigating measures in place, and members opted to simply add extra condition's to the venue's licence.

Chairman Andrew Morgan said: "It was agreed that there had been a statutory nuisance caused by visitors to the Xchange bar in the Triangle, Bournemouth.

"However, the owners have now taken satisfactory steps to address the issues.

"This includes introducing a lobby system to reduce any noise nuisance affecting surrounding neighbours.

"An additional condition has also been imposed to install a noise meter to make sure that the level of music played does not disturb neighbours.

"The member of staff supervising smokers outside the premises will also need to be clearly identifiable.

"We welcome the extra measures that the owners are now taking and we urge them to continue to be responsible neighbours."

More than 2,000 people signed a petition on backing Xchange, one of only two gay bars (with DYMK) remaining in the Triangle area after the closure of The Branksome, Club 29-30 and G Bar.

Licensing lawyer Philip Day, acting on behalf of the bar, said: "The Xchange has been in existence for some 28 years with almost no complaints until March of last year.

"A petition supporting the club garnered over 2,000 signatures in less than two months from both current and past customers, some from all corners of the globe.

"A number of other local residents took the time and trouble to write letters in support of the club.

"The owners have invested a lot of money in additional soundproofing and other measures to ensure that the club can continue to operate in accordance with its licence.

"Both Adrian Carpenter and Stuart Kimber have found the process of facing a licensing review to be extremely stressful and are immensely relieved at the outcome and have asked me to thank all of those who supported them and members of the licensing board for making the decision that they did."