CONCERNS over the potential perils of e-scooters have been voiced by the daughter of a woman who fractured her eye socket and wrist after falling from one of the vehicles.

Christine Ainsworth-Wells suffered the injuries when using a Beryl hire e-scooter in Bournemouth earlier this month.

Despite being “fit and healthy”, when she tried out the vehicle in Boscombe it “only took seconds” to fall off and crash into a concrete sea wall.

Christine Ainsworth-Wells, who is from Kew in London, was rushed to Poole Hospital and treated for a fractured eye socket and wrist.

The 74-year-old’s daughter, Martine Ainsworth-Wells, said: “We appreciate that partaking in any activity of this nature is at our own risk, but we feel that there could have been more instructional signage at the bay where we picked up the scooter to try.

“These are throttle power motor bikes discussed as toys. They are lethal without a helmet and lethal without any training.”

Bournemouth Echo: Christine Ainsworth-WellsChristine Ainsworth-Wells

She added: “Users of the e-scooters should always wear a helmet. Don’t even think about going on one without a helmet. Secondly, take a skills test. You could kill yourself just having a go.

“I’ve tried them and I am not against trying to use something new but wear a helmet and get a skills test.”

Martine Ainsworth-Wells said both she and her mother have Beryl accounts.

After finding one e-scooter in the bay, the daughter unlocked it on her account and had a go on it.

Her mother then had a go but fell from it shortly after stepping onto it.

“All the authorities I have spoken to have said the same thing, which is ‘safety is our primary concern and we are sticking to the Department for Transport guidelines,” added Martine Ainsworth-Wells.

“I think you need to go beyond those guidelines, speak to A&E teams about head injuries.

“What you have to take into account is human behaviour and I do not think that has been taken into account.

“It is not just the people using them who could get hurt.

“We tried out the e-scooter and take responsibility for our actions but hopefully we can make it safer for everyone.”

E-scooters are considered motor vehicles and all users will need to be at least 16 years old and have at least a provisional driving licence to use them during the trial period.

A Beryl spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear of Ms Ainsworth-Wells’ collision while using one of our e-scooters as part of the DfT’s official trials.

“Every user goes through important safety information when signing up to use one of our e-scooters; these measures are important so that users are aware of the key information to operate the device safely.

“Regrettably, we have been made aware that the e-scooter used by Ms Ainsworth-Well was unlocked by another user for her. Using another person’s account and licence is illegal. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind people that e-scooters are for the account holder’s use only.”