A 13-YEAR-OLD boy admitted four charges of rape against victims aged 11 and 14 when he appeared in court.

The boy pleaded guilty to three offences against an 11-year-old girl and one against a 14-year-old boy.

He was not given a custodial sentence but instead received a 12-month referral order so will be required to engage with a Youth Offending Team.

A youth court, sitting in Poole, heard the boy was reported by his own mother after she returned to their home and found him involved in a sex act with a boy, who was crying.

Four days later an 11-year-old girl confided in her mum that she had been the victim of a rape at the boy's home and two other rapes in a nearby alleyway.

Both victims were described as friends of the boy.

Prosecuting, Lee Turner told the court that the boy and his 14-year-old victim had been playing on a trampoline with others in his garden when he took his victim inside the house.

He locked the door, drew the blinds and was committing a sex act when his mum came home.

In a victim impact statement read to the court, the male victim's mum said: "Since the incident his behaviour has changed drastically at home and at school.

"He has been running up and down the stairs screaming in the night. He is having counselling at school for anger and emotions. He always appears to be on edge. He (the offender) has ruined the life of my son."

The 11-year-old girl's mum said: "She became very violent and angry which is something that she was not before. Her school work has been affected and she refuses to do science where they discuss parts of the body because she is embarrassed. She is receiving support and counselling."

The court was told the offender, who was in court with his father and his grandfather, realises that what he did was wrong and is sorry.

District Judge Stephen Nicholls was told his family will welcome any help and that his parents have found the case "extremely stressful and traumatic."

Judge Nicholls told the boy: "If you had been an adult and pleaded guilty to those matters the sentence would have been measured in many years of imprisonment."

He added: "Please take this opportunity to work with the Youth Offending Team."

The offence took place in Dorset last year and the parties involved cannot be named for legal reasons.

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