A WOMAN was glassed after intervening when she saw a couple rowing in a pub's smoking area.

Sacha Grey first spoke to John Tilsed at the Jolly Sailor in Poole Quay after she stopped his lit cigarette burning his partner.

She then stepped in once again after watching the couple become involved in a "heated discussion". Tilsed's partner rose and pushed Ms Grey, before the victim shoved her back.

Tilsed then thrust a pint glass into Ms Grey's head.

She suffered cuts and was taken to hospital for treatment.

On Friday, December 15, Tilsed appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court to admit a charge of assault by beating.

It was heard that Ms Grey first saw the defendant kissing his partner at 1.30am on November 4. She realised his lit cigarette was about to burn the woman's clothes and stepped in to tell the defendant.

Tilsed, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs, thanked her. Later on, she returned to the smoking area and saw the same couple rowing.

Once again, she made an attempt to intervene.

However, she was then attacked by Tilsed.

The defendant, 31 and of Norton Way in Poole, later told police he had been attempting to throw his drink over Ms Grey. The glass shattered accidentally, he said.

Richard Middleton, mitigating for Tilsed, said the roofer was "in drink" when the offence took place.

"He has been drawn into an argument that really didn't start with him," Mr Middleton said.

"He acted recklessly. He threw the contents of the glass so it would go over the lady, but the glass has impacted on her.

"He makes no excuses for his behaviour.

"It has been some six years since he was last before the courts, and substantially longer since he was here for an offence of violence."

Mr Middleton said Tilsed would like to "apologise sincerely" to Ms Grey and hopes to be able to speak to her directly.

Tilsed was ordered to complete 50 hours of unpaid work within the next 12 months and pay £100 in compensation to his victim.

He must also pay £85 in costs and an £85 victim surcharge.