THE family of Hampshire murder victim Pennie Davis have paid tribute to the “warm and loving” mum-of-five after two men were found guilty over her brutal killing.

Supermarket worker Pennie was stabbed at least 10 times in a “frenzied attack” in the New Forest last September.

Justin Robertson was found guilty of her murder while former stepson Ben Carr was convicted of conspiracy to murder having masterminded the ‘evil plot’ to silence her over sexual assault claims she was threatening to bring against him.

In a statement, her family thanked the police and legal teams who helped bring the pair to justice.

The statement said: "The people responsible for our mum’s brutal murder have been convicted but we cannot celebrate. It is not them, but us Pennie's family, who have been given the real life sentence.

“The life of someone precious to us as a mother, daughter, wife and sister has gone and can’t be replaced. We have attended court every day and have had to listen to many lies about Pennie who has been robbed of her voice to defend herself.

“The Pennie presented in court by those who were desperate to try to justify their actions is not the Pennie we remember.

“For us she will always be our warm, loving, protective, determined, funny mum who loved her children more than anything.”

It added: "We appreciate the thorough police investigation, the dedication of the jury and all those involved in this lengthy court case and especially the people who bravely came to court to give evidence.

“We also want to thank the many people who have sent us love and good wishes throughout this ordeal. The outpouring of grief at her death is the best and most faithful tribute to her memory and will not be erased.”

Meanwhile Hampshire Police superintendent Paul Barton also paid tribute to Pennie and said justice had been done.

Speaking after the verdicts he said: “Pennie was a loving mother who doted on all her children and was just starting a new chapter in her life with husband Pete.

Bournemouth Echo:

Pennie's children Georga, 19, Joe, 14, Sophie, 21, Daniel, 15, and Alex, 20,

“Her death brought together the local community and I would like to thank everyone who supported our investigation and came forward with information.

“Pennie’s murder must have come as to a shock to many, particularly those who saw our armed response in the following days as we searched for Justin Robertson, who went on the run as our prime suspect.

“The pressure we put on him meant he eventually did the right thing and handed himself in.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Tributes left for Pennie at the scene of her murder

He added: “Pennie’s body was found by her husband in the field where she tended her horses. This remote location was a challenge for the investigation team who worked hard to piece together the events leading to her death and the evidence needed to place Robertson at the scene and secure a conviction.

“Both Robertson and Ben Carr denied their involvement but our investigation linked the men and proved they plotted together to have Pennie killed.

“Robertson is an evil and cold killer who was motivated by a relatively small amount of money. His lies through this trial were evident to the jury.

“Carr had a long-term hatred for Pennie. He tried to silence her once and for all and knew Robertson would do anything for money. We never accepted his defence that he only wanted Pennie ‘frightened off,’ and neither did the jury. Carr planned her death in detail, ensuring he was out of the way at the time and had an alibi. This cold, calculated plan in my view makes him just as evil as Robertson.

“Both have now been found guilty and are facing the prospect of a lengthy jail term.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Pennie's husband Peter, 50

Supt Barton also thanked Pennie’s family for their composure during the difficult experience.

He said: “Pennie's family have shown complete restraint throughout as they have had to listen to lies about her during the trial. I would like to pay tribute to them and hope they can now seek some sort of closure following this painful experience.

“I would also like to thank all my officers and staff who were committed to this investigation and who, along with the Crown Prosecution Service and wider prosecution team, worked tirelessly to bring the offenders to justice. The team’s professionalism is evidence of the constabulary’s high standards of investigation and our dedication to the communities we serve.”

Following the verdicts, John Montague, Senior District Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Pennie Davis was killed in a frenzied attack by Justin Robertson who stabbed her to death and then went into hiding for eight days.

"He was eventually arrested after an extensive manhunt conducted by Hampshire Police. Each of the defendant played an important role in the planning and killing of Mrs Davis.

"Benjamin Carr was the person connecting Justin Robertson to Pennie Davis, he was the one who provided the motive to kill her.

"He had a hatred for his father’s former partner, Pennie Davis, who was threatening to destroy his life by reviving sexual allegations she had made against him when he was young, which caused him to move out to live with his mother.

"He said in court that he was devastated after being forced to leave his father and at that time he hated Pennie Davis. He went on to live in a caravan and became a drug addict.

"It was the prosecution case that this hatred pushed him to turn to Justin Robertson, a violent man with little scruples who he knew from the drug world.

"An agreement was reached for Robertson to murder Pennie Davis for £1500.

“Robertson borrowed the car of a friend to drive to Leygreen Farm where Ms Davis attended her horses. He then lost the car key dropping it next to Ms Davis’ body during the attack in which he savagely stabbed her thirteen times.

"The jury at Winchester Crown Court heard that Pennie Davis was followed by Robertson to Leygreen Farm on the day she died.

"This was a planned killing arranged by Benjamin Carr, using Justin Robertson to kill her and paying him to do so. The motive was to stop her troubling Benjamin Carr and his family once and for all.

“This is a tragic case where a mother of five who has just remarried died from a savage pre- planned execution. Her husband, Peter made the terrible discovery when he found her dead near the horses that she loved so much.

“Our thoughts are with him, Mrs Davis’ children and extended family.”