FANS of the iconic Vulcan XH558, a firm favourite of past Bournemouth air festivals, have a chance for their names to go down in history.

Owners of the Cold War bomber, The Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST), have launched a new fundraising initiative to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the return to flight of XH558.

This initiative will enable supporters of the aircraft - which last flew in 2015 but has been maintained for ground displays - to have their names inscribed under her wing.

VTST project team leader Dr Robert Pleming said: "We are determined to celebrate the achievement, as we aim to secure not only XH558's future, but also the prospect of other heritage aircraft."

The trust, which will have a presence throughout this year's Bournemouth Air Festival, is asking for a donation of £30 to place a name under the Vulcan's wing.

This opportunity was not available in the past because of regulations on ex-military aircraft markings, which meant while XH558 was flying she had to keep her external appearance as close to original RAF markings as possible.

Dr Pleming explained: "As a live, ground-running and taxiing aircraft, Vulcan XH558 will still play a very important role as an icon of our aeronautical heritage, and as a beacon for other heritage aviation projects in a new hangar that will give the aviation community and the wider general public access to aircraft like never before."

The naming initiative will help finance a new hanger and visitor centre for the Vulcan, which is now based at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Dr Fleming said: " Once XH558 is settled in her new home, the trust will turn its attention to the restoration of Canberra WK163 - we are already considering the operation of other loaned aircraft on the display circuit next year."

The names, to be applied in small silver lettering, will only be visible up close and not detract from the aircraft's aesthetic appearance.

This opportunity closes at midnight on October 1.

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