HUNDREDS of thousands of people are set to flock to the seafront for this year's Bournemouth Air Festival. But maybe you're looking for somewhere different to watch the action this time around.

Here are a few suggestions for a different angle on the displays.


If you happen to own one, or know somebody that does, there can be few better ways to watch the air displays.

Sail into the bay, anchor up and sit back and relax with a front row seat.

Don't expect to be on your own, though - previous years have seen as many as 600 boats moored up off the beach.


This is probably more one for photographers looking for a different vantage point, but if you want to get well away from the hustle and bustle of Bournemouth seafront, then this isn't a bad place.

Enjoy the air displays with the beach and clifftop as a backdrop, instead.

Take note, though, that you might need your binoculars, or a big lens on your camera.


If you want to be the first to spot (most of) the aircraft heading in for their displays, this is the place to be.

Most fly in from Bournemouth Airport, over the head and into the display arena. The exceptions include the Red Arrows and The Blades, which fly in straight over the beach.

But you'll get a different view on things at Hengistbury for certain, and a bit more space for that picnic.


Although you'll be a bit off the flight line, the slope alongside the side of the BIC isn't a bad place to be, especially for the Night Air displays.

Just along from the pier, you'll get to see the extreme westerly part of each display, so to speak, and the pyrotechnics of the dusk displays look really good from here.


Situated at Pier Approach, you can get away from the crowds and enjoy possibly one of the best views in town from  more than 100ft in the air. Tickets cost £5 for adults and £4 for children up to 1.4m tall. A family ticket costs £15.