STUDENTS left stranded when a Bournemouth language school closed will all soon have alternative places, an industry body says.

Forty-one students from SNT, on St Peter’s Road, have already been found places on other courses following the sudden closure last week.

And membership body English UK says almost all the remaining 37 should have places in the next day or so. English UK has used its emergency fund to ensure all the students who were already studying have been found places at other schools.

Huan Japes, deputy chief executive of English UK, said: “Those schools, because they are members, have agreed to take on those students for the period they had paid for with SNT.”

He said host families would also be paid on behalf of students who had paid their rent to SNT.

The only people thought to have lost out are host families who have already provided accommodation for which they should have been paid in arrears by SNT.

They will have to recover the money if administrators are appointed to SNT, said Mr Japes Jenny Brunyee of accommodation provider World Choice Education said she had recently warned host families not to deal with SNT.

The company previously had arrangements to find families for some students but had stopped dealing with the college.

“SNT have got themselves into a bit of a financial situation where people have paid to come to the UK but they haven’t been passing that money on to their creditors,” she said.