PHEW! Poole Park’s lake has been causing visitors’ and locals’ noses to wrinkle in disgust after once again developing a rotten egg-type pong.

The 40 acre lake has repeatedly suffered from an overgrowth of blanket weed, which gives off the unpleasant odour as it decays.

Last year, Poole council spent £45,000 on a package of measures to rid the lake of the weed, including upgrading the sluice gates, draining the lake, adding blue dye to the water and putting in bales of barley straw.

The lake has also been flushed in July and August, but the weed has continued to grow, prompting local resident Cliff Woods to write a letter of complaint to the council about the water’s “disgusting” condition.

“As in the previous few years, weed has been allowed to grow beyond all sensible levels. The smell is quite revolting,” he said.

Simon Legg, green space maintenance team leader for the borough of Poole, said: “The smell that people are noticing coming from Poole Park is due to the natural decomposition of blanket weed.

“Blanket weed is a naturally occurring phenomenon, found in other areas of Poole Harbour , and its growth rate is increased during warm weather.

“We hope the level of growth will be minimal as days become cooler and shorter.

“We have arranged to have some of the weed cut and removed from the lake by boats fitted with specialist equipment and this work should take place the week beginning September 10.”