THE police and council have stressed the work they are doing around Boscombe in the wake of the gangland murder.

Operation Crackdown, the local branch of the county-wide drugs operation, has led to 65 arrests and 11 offenders charged since it was set up a year ago.

Officers have also carried out 56 drugs raids.

Chief Inspector Chris Weeks could not comment on the murder case or the action police may be taking in response.

But he said: “In my opinion, the figures alone evidence the fact that we do listen to what our communities tell us and we will always take positive action where there is sufficient evidence.”

He also pointed to a kerb-crawling strategy that has led to 63 arrests – and a dispersal order to deal with drunks in the precinct.

The area, and Boscombe generally, has seen several major crimes and police also said they are working with the council to improve the area.

Cllr Jane Kelly, Bournemouth council’s cabinet member for regeneration, said the council could do little about gangs coming down from London.

But she said it was working on accommodation, new housing and clamping down on anti-social behaviour. Roumelia Lane has become home to independent shops, cafes and artists since the council paid for a revamp in 2010 and 2011.

Helene Bowman-Brown, chair of the Friends of Roumelia Lane, said: “When people come here, it doesn’t take them long to realise there’s a lot of nice people and a real community.”

Resident and mum Shenagh Coombes, 19, lives in a gated set of Dave Wells flats in the flat.

She said: “It’s very quiet here around here and everyone knows each other. I think our place especially is safe for children.”