TO THE delight of Broadstone residents a bus company has bowed to public pressure and reintroduced a much-used service.

From September 17 the Wimborne to Poole Flyer will be running again every 30 minutes, having in the past two months been axed and then partially reintroduced by Wilts & Dorset with a commuter service.

“That’s fantastic news,” said Roma Wright, 75, a frequent user of the fast, direct service that whisked residents into Poole in 10 minutes.

“This is what we suggested in the first place, they did the 4 and 3 alternately.”

Ed Wills, operations director of Wilts & Dorset, said the company had responded to the huge public outcry over the loss of the service and consulted the public transport passenger watchdog TravelWatch South West.

“I hope that people in the Poole-Wimborne corridor will take time to examine the new services and as many concessionary pass holders, who can travel free, will consider using the bus rather than use a car,” said Mr Wills.

The new 3 service will operate Monday to Saturday and will run in addition to the current 4 route, increasing the number of buses from four per hour to six.

The number 4 will still run every 30 minutes between Wimborne, Merley, Broad-stone and Poole and every 15 minutes between Broad-stone and Poole. The new number 3 will run every 30 minutes from Wimborne, Corfe Mullen and Broad-stone, then fast to Poole.

There will be a service every 15 minutes from Wimborne to Poole and service 4 will continue to run through Merley and Corfe Mullen during the evening and on Sundays.

“Absolutely wonderful news,” said ward councillor Mike Brooke who fought alongside residents for the reinstatement of the popular service, and presented a petition.

“The main thing is we need to use it well. That’s crucial.”

“That’s great,” said Gladys Gellett, 90, from Clarendon Road, “You are there in 10 minutes. I don’t know why they stopped it.”

Olive Jones, 82, from Broadstone said: “I am fed up with them always being late and packed so you have to stand.”

Florence Summers, 82, who walks from Darbys Corner to Broadstone to catch the bus in Poole said: “It’s great to have more buses.”