MOURNERS in Sergio Marquez’s home town have set up a fund for a memorial tree to the murdered waiter.

Around 70 people have joined an online Facebook group to contribute.

A collection is also being held for a funeral wreath, although a date has not yet been set.

Organisers hope to raise 150 Euros for a wreath and to plant a tree in Sergio’s honour with the leftover funds.

Local businesses have come forward with offers of help for the 23-year-old’s grieving family.

British mum Emma Webber, who has lived in Coin for five years, said the town is “devastated” by Sergio’s tragic murder.

Mrs Webber, who is originally from Kent, said yesterday: “The British community respect the fact that Sergio’s family are in shock and do not want to intrude in the family grief.

“The fund page was only set up this morning and we will have to liaise with the Coin mayor to decide on an appropriate site for the tree.”

An English friend of Mrs Webber’s, Shelely Exley, who has lived in Coin for more than 20 years and is married to a Spanish man, set up the memorial fund.

She has also offered to pass cards from well wishers onto Sergio’s mother.

Donations are being collected at the Spanish-owned florist Flores Paula, in central Coin.

British residents are very much part of the community, Mrs Webber said, and socialise through a ladies’ coffee friendship group.

One of the members suggested Sergio should go to the UK to study English, she added.