A FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy has been scarred for life after a powerful drain unblocking product burned through his bedroom ceiling as he slept.

Little Boyd James woke up at around 4am screaming that his face was “on fire” from sulphuric acid dripping into his bed.

Quick-thinking mum Kayleigh James, 24, splashed cold water over the youngster’s “bubbling” and blistering skin as the nightmare unfolded.

Firefighters evacuated the family from their Georgian home as brown liquid continued to pour through from the flat above.

Boyd’s “melted” pillow serves as a chilling reminder of how lucky he is to be alive, Mrs James said.

She said: “Boyd came running out screaming his face was on fire.

“His face was red but I didn’t know why. I took his hands away from his face and his lips were burning.

“His face was bright red and blotching. Blisters were breaking out and his skin was bubbling around the nose.”

Mrs James ran to check on two-year-old daughter Lyla, who was sleeping in Boyd’s room.

“I could see brown liquid pouring out of the ceiling onto his pillow,” she said.

“It was melting, just burning through it.”

She also woke a friend who was staying over and they sheltered in their car, running into the flat to get more water for Boyd.

Firefighters broke down the door of the maisonette above, thinking it must be on fire, but it was actually a drain clearing product burning through the pipes, floor and ceiling. An adult person could now fit through the hole.

Paramedics who spent two hours treating Boyd at the scene in Dorset Street, Blandford, told Mrs James he was lucky to be alive.

Boyd’s face is scabbing over and he has burns on his back, which are expected to leave chicken pox style scars.

He would have been blinded if the acid had touched his eyes.

Lyla escaped with a couple of burns on her ankles.

Mrs James said: “I am really shaken and still have severe anxiety about it all. It’s horrible – you put your children to bed and think they will be safe.”

Husband Sam James, a butcher, ran back from work.

Mr James, 28, said: “It was a frightening experience.

“The fire officer said to me he’s been in this game for 30-35 years and he’d never seen anything like it.”