THE community in Sergio Retamar Marquez’s Spanish home town is to hold days of official mourning to remember the “humble and hardworking” 23-year-old.

Coin mayor Fernando Fernandez said the town hall was offering psychological support to Mr Marquez’s devastated family.

Speaking alongside the victim’s uncle outside the Marquez family home, the mayor said the town was in “shock” and “profoundly bereft”.

He said the Marquez family were “very affected and truly shocked” by what has happened and had “demanded justice”.

“To take the life of a 23-year-old youngster who is studying and working in a foreign country has no explanation from any humane point of view.”

He added: “They want Sergio to be back here as soon as possible and the culprit or culprits to pay for these horrific acts.”

Mr Fernandez said it was hoped Mr Marquez’s body would be repatriated to Spain in around four days, once all tests had been carried out. He announced that the town hall would declare official days of mourning to express the profound grief felt by all those living in Coin.

Mr Fernandez said Sergio was an only child and his mother was in a state of “total shock”.

He said he had been in touch with the regional offices of the Government in Malaga, which will contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure the family receives up to date information.