EMILY’S devastated father yesterday spoke of his relief that the case surrounding his daughter’s murder was finally over.

Mark Longley, who lives in New Zealand, told the Daily Echo: “The Turners are all going to be in prison tonight and hopefully that will give them an opportunity to reflect on what they have done.

“Justice has been served.

“The Turners showed us no remorse when we were there for the trial.”

He added: “I am just relieved another chapter is over with.

“May be we can move on to the next stage in just trying to grieve for the loss of Emily.”

Speaking of Elliot’s actions, Mr Longley said: “Turner has left an awful mess over here – he killed her because she didn’t want to be with him anymore. It is just untenable to me.”

Emily’s grandfather Ron Longley, supported by her grandmother Zofia, said the sentence brought a conclusion a “terrible year”.

“Mr and Mrs Turner are fortunate in how much compassion the judge showed in reducing their sentence.

“We are satisfied with the sentence and think it’s balanced and just.

“A year ago Mr and Mrs Turner’s son murdered my granddaughter Emily – our loving, shining Emily.

“The parents, Mr and Mrs Turner had a terrible dilemma and they made the wrong decision.

“As a result we, and many other people, have spent a long year and more waiting for this and now they are suffering too.

“Because of their actions the police were forced into a prolonged, protracted and expensive inquiry.

“Thank goodness they were so very thorough and professional.

“We are very grateful for that.

“We have enjoyed support from many, many other sources and we are very grateful to them.

“It was wonderful some times during the trial to struggle back home reeling from what we’d heard to find a home-made loaf of bread on the door step from a neighbour or a bottle of wine.

“We are really grateful for these gestures.”