THE parents of murderer Elliot Turner have been jailed for their part in a bid to cover up his crime.

Leigh and Anita Turner were jailed for 27 months and told they would have to serve at least half that sentenced.

The couple had been found guilty at Winchester Crown Court of perverting the course of justice.

Leigh, 54, and Anita, 51, of Queenswood Avenue, Queens Park, Bournemouth, were convicted after destroying what police said was a confession note from their son and removing a jacket from the crime scene at their home.

Elliot Turner, now 21, was jailed for life for strangling his model girlfriend Emily Longley, a popular 17-year-old student, at his family home on May 7 last year.

Sentencing, the Honourable Mrs Justice Linda Dobbs said: “People speak highly of the both of you and it’s a tragedy that you, who are both responsible people, have lost your good character by acting out of misplaced loyalty.

“The family of Emily Longley have suffered and will no doubt continue to suffer as a result of your son’s actions.

“It must have been hard for you to come to terms with what the jury found your son did and what he confessed to doing.

“By your actions you have caused another innocent person to suffer and that’s your (other) son.”

She added: “As a family you are ruined in terms of being split up and you also face financial worry.”

Justice Dobbs told them: “This offence is so serious only a sentence of imprisonment in appropriate. It strikes at the heart of the Criminal Justice System.”

Reacting to the sentence, Emily’s grandfather Ron Longley said today’s sentence brought to a conclusion a “terrible year”.

“Mr and Mrs Turner are fortunate in how much compassion the judge showed in reducing their sentence.

“We are satisfied with the sentence and think it’s balanced and just.

“A year ago Mr and Mrs Turner’s son murdered my granddaughter Emily – our loving, shinning Emily.

“The parents, Mr and Mrs Turner, had a terrible dilemma and they made the wrong decision.

“As a result we, and many other people, have spent a long year and more waiting for this and now they are suffering too.

“Because of their actions the police were forced into a prolonged, protracted and expensive inquiry. Thank goodness they were so very thorough and professional. We are very grateful for that.

“We have enjoyed support from many, many other sources and we are very grateful to them.

“It was wonderful sometimes during the trial to struggle back home reeling from what we’ve heard to find a home-made loaf on the door step from a neighbour or a bottle of wine. We are really grateful for all of these gestures.”

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