THE man who helped design the Boscombe surf reef left ASR a year and a half ago - to set up a company building reefs with several other former ASR staff.

They worked with ASR, which did not meet its deadline of May 31 this year to repair the damaged and malfunctioning reef.

The website of new firm eCoast has the CVs of six employees – and five of them worked for ASR or “in association” with ASR, including former managing director Shaw Mead.

He told the Daily Echo: “Yes, some of my partners at eCoast previously worked for ASR NZ, although they are technical staff and not part of the construction team who worked on the Boscombe Reef. “I find the present outcome of the Boscombe Reef upsetting.

“eCoast has not been contacted by the Bournemouth council, and while we could provide technical advice if it was required, we do not have construction capabilities.

“I have no further knowledge of the status of the Boscombe Reef since I resigned as an ASR director a year and a half ago.

“If asked, we would be happy to analyse a recent bathymetry survey and dive report of the current status of the Boscombe reef and make recommendations.”

A Bournemouth council spokesman said: “We are aware of eCoast and that some of those involved have previously undertaken work for ASR.”