A CHILD’S drawing of what he sees from his Boscombe bedroom window – a prostitute, a fight and a man urinating in public.

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His dad passed the picture to the Echo and said: “It’s sad that they see this sort of behaviour from adults all the time and they see it as normal.”

The 10-year-old boy lives close to Churchill Gardens and the area’s red light district around St Clement’s Church.

His drawing shows a man fighting with a bottle and knife, a woman with money stuffed in her stocking – and a sad boy.

The boy said: “I see all these people out of my window all the time – sometimes I tell my dad, sometimes I just watch them.”

The dad said: “He sees prostitutes regularly and the people fighting with the bottle. He’s seen people urinating in the graveyard at St Clements.

“The children often get woken by shouting and screaming and witness women being picked up in cars, a lot of aggressive men are around all the time.”

The Echo spoke to residents living in the area and they said the disturbing images in the drawing were all too common.

Boscombe resident Chris Thompson, 22, who grew up in the area, said: “You see lots and lots of fights between groups of lads.

“When I was growing up the prostitution was more towards the train station. Churchill Gardens has improved a lot.

“When you are little all this frightens you, you feel shocked.”

The Echo was speaking to one woman when she stopped a passing Dave Wells van mid-interview.

She told the van driver: “There’s smackheads injecting in our toilet again.”

There was a group of men drinking and dropping beer cans in Churchill Gardens.

As the Echo interviewed two fathers and their children at 1.30pm, there were two prostitutes over the road stopping passing cars.

Joey Robinson, 28, dad of eight and three-year-old girls, said: “You see a lot of drinkers here and you see prostitutes all the time along here.

“You want to get your children away from that.

“I came here from Tottenham and I find it worse here than certain parts of Tottenham. I didn’t believe it was like this.”

His cousin Jay Robinson, 27, a dad of one, said: “You get drunks on benders, a lot of shouting and arguing.

“You get prostitutes at night without fail – they even follow you sometimes. It’s not nice for the children.”