TESTS have confirmed that the drugs found at a Bournemouth flat where a man died did contain a lethal substance.

Pink pills were discovered at the apartment at the Lansdowne when police and ambulance were called out about the death of a man, now confirmed to be Scott Gowing-Wilks, after his inquest was opened.

Toxicology tests on the body of the 20-year-old, known locally as Scott Wilks, have yet to be concluded so no cause of death has been determined.

But a second warning to drug users about the pills found, which had the letter M on them, states they have now been found to contain the controlled Class A substance paramethoxyamphetamine.

The Dorset Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) warning states that the substance, also known as PMA, is known to have caused fatalities elsewhere in the UK.

The first warning sent out stated “some six hours after death the deceased’s body was showing signs of excessive heat”.

It stated four others were showing signs of toxic reactions with one taken to intensive care and having to be heavily sedated due to extreme muscular seizures. All four were released from hospital.

The NHS echoed the warning about the “life threatening” drugs.

They stated the same symptoms as those described by DAAT: profuse sweating, racing heart beat, extreme muscle tension and delirious ranting.

Beth Davies, from the EDP drugs and alcohol advisory service for Dorset, said warnings needed to be given to youngsters who might have a drink and risk taking drugs on a night out.

She said: “Just because it is a pill and looks similar in size to a paracetamol tablet does not mean it’s safe.

“They are marketed to look harmless but just because it isn’t a crack pipe or a heroin needle does not mean it’s safe.”

The police arrested five Bournemouth men on suspicion of the illegal supply of drugs following Mr Wilks’s death.

The men, aged 22, 25, 25, 27 and 28, were released on police bail.

A police spokesman said: “The inquest was opened and adjourned and evidence was heard that 20 year-old Scott Gowing-Wilks, of Bournemouth, died on Monday, May 21.

“The cause of death is unascertained pending toxicology results.”